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Sightlines Medical Intelligence™

We are one of a few Minnesota firms to partner with Verisk Health Solutions. This powerful partnership provides access to the analytical data system and clinical resources tool called Sightlines™ Medical Intelligence, a data analytics, clinical intelligence, and benchmarking tool.

Sightlines™ collects ongoing medical and pharmacy data for reporting purposes to assist clients in driving benefits decisions and assess the outcomes of health management and health promotion programs. It is designed to allow our clients to look deeply into their population to identify what is driving cost, reduce risk, control spending, and improve quality of care.

This web-based software tool can be used to identify, target and reduce healthcare risks and costs at both the population and individual levels. Sightlines™ uses thousands of data-mining algorithms and evidence-based clinical rules to help you identify and target gaps in the care of your high-risk, high-cost members. Specifically, our clients are able to use the tool to:
  • Analyze healthcare data from multiple sources including medical, pharmacy, health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and more
  • Identify high-risk members or groups for clinical interventions and care-management programs
  • Track outcomes through sophisticated cohort tools
  • Compare performance of health and pharmacy plan alternatives
  • Visualize the financial effect of plan changes on future costs and coverages
  • Report performance measures and other quality measures

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