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Case Studies

Case Studies

David Martin Agency’s benefit consultants work with our clients to develop and implement programs that directly complement their overall benefit strategic plans and may result in significant cost savings. Two of our more successful initiatives include:

Case Study #1 Synopsis:

Upon reviewing the claims information for a group of 400+ employees, Our benefit consultants determined an approach that saved this company more than $250,000.

Details: Initially upon renewal, the group was projected to have an overall increase of 22%. Through the analytical review process, our consultants successfully reduced the renewal projections to an overall increase of only 9.9%. Recommendations to networks and contribution strategies further reduced the total increase to 4%.

Additionally, after we reviewed claims spanning multiple years, demographics and turnover, we recommended and aided in the development and completion of an on-site medical clinic to manage the health and lifestyle management program. In the last four renewal years, the increase has averaged 2%. We conducted a comprehensive ROI, and determined the total cost avoidance over the total period exceeds $2,000,000.

Case Study #2 Synopsis:

Working with a large employer, we worked with carriers to design programs that resulted in a five-year overall cost savings of millions of dollars.

Details: Large private employer with 17,000 benefit-eligible employees in 50 states. We had a ten-year relationship with this account who wished to aggressively manage their health care costs. The employee occupations ranged from drivers and plant workers to salaried corporate staff. Some of the initiatives we worked with the carriers to implement included:

  • Mandatory mail order prescription program which evolved into the universally available mail order prescription program
  • Drug step therapy and generic drug mandates
  • Early adapters of Consumer Driven Health Plan options offering both a HRA and HSA plan designs
  • Introduced ‘Pay the Provider’
  • Introduced, maintained and managed an employee online benefits portal and provided materials and communication to support consumer-driven initiatives
  • An award winning wellness program including monthly premium incentives for those employees who participated in health coaching
  • Aggressive vendor management including performance metrics

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